AWS - Create a Role


Create a basic role to provide EC2 service with Full IAM access permissions.
In the end, run from the CLI (or CloudShell) the command to verify the role was created.


  1. Go to AWS console -> IAM
  2. Click in the left side menu on “Access Manamgement” -> Roles
  3. Click on “Create role”
  4. Choose “AWS service” as the type of trusted entity and then choose “EC2” as a use case. Click on “Next”
  5. In permissions page, check “IAMFullAccess” and click on “Next” until you get to “Review” page
  6. In the “Review” page, give the role a name (e.g. IAMFullAcessEC2), provide a short description and click on “Create role”
  7. aws iam list-roles will list all the roles in the account, including the one we’ve just created.