AWS EC2 - Elastic Network Interfaces



A. Create a network interface and attach it to the EC2 instance that already has one network interface B. Explain why would anyone use two network interfaces



  1. Go to EC2 service
  2. Click on “Network Interfaces” under “Network & Security”
  3. Click on “Create network interface”
  4. Provide a description
  5. Choose a subnet (one that is in the AZ as the instance)
  6. Optionally attach a security group and click on “Create network interface”
  7. Click on “Actions” -> “Attach” and choose the instance to attach it to
  8. If you go now to “Instances” page you’ll see your instance has two network interfaces


  1. You can move the second network interface between instances. This allows us to create kind of a failover mechanism between the instances.