AWS Route 53 - Health Checks


3 web instances in different AZs.


  1. For each instance create a health checks with the following properties:
  2. Name it after the AZ where the instance resides
  3. Failure threshold should be 5

  4. Edit the security group of one of your instances and remove HTTP rules.
  5. Did it change the status of the health check?



  1. Go to Route 53
  2. Click on “Health Checks” in the left-side menu
  3. Click on “Create health check”
  4. Insert the name: us-east-2
  5. What to monitor: endpoint
  6. Insert the IP address of the instance
  7. Insert the endpoint /health if your web instance supports that endpoint
  8. In advanced configuration, set Failure threshold to 5
  9. Click on “next” and then on “Create health check”
  10. Repeat steps 1-9 for the other two instances you have

  11. Go to security group of one of your instances
  12. Click on “Actions” -> Edit inbound rules -> Delete HTTP based rules
  13. Go back to health checks page and after a couple of seconds you should see that the status becomes “unhealthy”