CI for Open Source Project

  1. Choose an open source project from Github and fork it
  2. Create a CI pipeline/workflow for the project you forked
  3. The CI pipeline/workflow will include anything that is relevant to the project you forked. For example:
    • If it’s a Python project, you will run PEP8
    • If the project has unit tests directory, you will run these unit tests as part of the CI
  4. In a separate file, describe what is running as part of the CI and why you chose to include it. You can also describe any thoughts, dilemmas, challenge you had


Containerize the app of the project you forked using any container engine you would like (e.g. Docker, Podman).
Once you successfully ran the application in a container, submit the Dockerfile to the original project (but be prepared that the maintainer might not need/want that).

Suggestions for Projects

The following is a list of projects without CI (at least at the moment):

Note: I wrote a script to find these (except the first project on the list, of course) based on some parameters in case you wonder why these projects specifically are listed.