Git - Squashing Commits - Solution

  1. In a git repository, create a new file with the content “Mario” and commit the change
git add new_file
echo "Mario" -> new_file
git commit -a -m "New file"
  1. Make change to the content of the file you just created so the content is “Mario & Luigi” and create another commit
echo "Mario & Luigi" > new_file
git commit -a -m "Added Luigi"
  1. Verify you have two separate commits - git log

  2. Squash the two commits you’ve created into one commit

git rebase -i HEAD~2

You should see something similar to:

pick 5412076 New file
pick 4016808 Added Luigi

Change pick to squash

pick 5412076 New file
squash 4016808 Added Luigi

Save it and provide a commit message for the squashed commit

After you complete the exercise

Answer the following: